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For the past 25 years Amscore Software has provided industrial document management & control systems to companies across the United States. We are Michigan based, and serve locally the counties of Genesee, Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties.

Businesses have projects, and we've all got our individual parts to complete in order for that project to get done. But what happens when the part (or document) you require to complete your portion of the project is out-dated or incomplete? The project halts, and/or grows far more costly than it should (because people now need to sort through and determine which revision is now the correct one). At Amscore, we have envisioned a process more streamlined than that.

Imagine being able to employ a SINGLE individual to review and make changes to a CAD document (or any document, for that matter!). How many documents can they process in a day, week, or month? Whatever that number is, we are confident our number is higher.

• Our software can process hundreds of thousands of documents in a fraction of the time!

If Time = Money, then you'll want to find out how changing your View™ will make the difference.

Services We Provide

• System Building  • Network Security & Design  • System Security  • Remote Assistance & Administration
• Visual Basic for Applications  • Custom Form Applications  • ASP.NET  • Vulnerability Testing  • Penetration Testing 
• Wordpress Installations  • Affiliate Recommendations  • Consultations
...and more!

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Over 25 Years of Proven Experience

If you or your organization has a project you'd like assistance with, Contact Us.

Document Control Systems

Document Control

• AutoCAD & Image Metadata
• Manage Adobe Shares
• Dynamic Updates

CAD Applications

CAD Applications

CAD Manager helps manage desired CAD standards via a distributable package

Data Extraction

Data Extraction

AutoCAD stores Title & Block Data as a property. Extract, Read, Modify, and Update your CAD files with ease.

CAD Viewer


AutoCAD stores Title & Block Data as a property. View™ will allow you to view all relevant information in a streamlined format.

Custom Forms

• ASP.NET  • C#  • Microsoft Office 
• Visual Basic for Applications

System Building and Design

System Building

• Media Displays  • Trade Shows
  • Desktops  • Mobile Workstations

Remote Assistance

• Application Installation(s)
• Consultations
• System Installation(s)

Website Design

• For Starting Ebay Stores
• For Starting Etsy Stores
• For Starting a Squarespace
• For Starting a Blog
• ...and more!


• For Software Development
• For System Stability
• For System Segmentation
• and more....

Analysis & Mitigation

• Securing Your Online Presence
• Keep Your Systems Healthy
• Keep Your Systems Malware-Free

Penetration Testing

• PCI-DSS & HIPPA Compliance
• Network Security
• Perimeter Security
• and more.

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